Responsible for print advertising, technical brand guides, trade show graphics, direct-mail pieces, identity systems and Photoshop composites.

Re-designed the Syngenta Local Pro Product use Guides, 16 guides 70 pages each of different state-specific guidelines. This was a first for Syngenta, they never produced individual guides before and no defined way of organizing the information. I created tabbed sectioning, side-bar call outs and a typographical hierarchy to help contain the information.


Front Cover


Interior spread


Interior spread

Designed the Syngenta Local Pro Crop technical sheets.

syngenta_0000_localpro_sssyngenta_0001_localpro_ss 2

 Made a lot of 1-sheet wonders. This is a lenticular, the words appear only when the page is shifted.


Lenticular side


Back side

Made ads for a college contest.


Call for entries


Winner’s page

Created a poster that emulated vintage boxing posters.


My composition used wood-cut inspired fonts.


Here is the final piece, with s few changes.

Having great admiration for Hatch Show Print and Yee-Haw Industries coupled with my experience operating letterpress machines, setting lead & wood type, I felt the need to be true to the medium an try not to “cheat” the design using by typesetting rules. I used wood types & slab serifs—faces that would be traditionally used in a letterpress chase.